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Will Networks be Available in a Large Scale Disaster?

Per the judging criteria, you're placing a focus on software that relies on having an available network infrastructure. Isn't that a bit of a big assumption -- if it's a large scale disaster there's a high possibility that networks will either (a) be non-existent or (b) be oversaturated. In that scenario having a software app that requires network accessibility is a non-starter. Why the emphasis on network-based applications?

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  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Crisis applications often require crisis coordination, which works
    better with software that works over a network. However, we recognise that
    networks may be damaged, so we favor low bandwidth apps, and apps that can
    operate in an asynchronous fashion, so that data can be brought to a working
    part of the network and uploaded. However, we have no objection whatsoever
    to reviewing apps that do not require a network - we are open to any
    application that may help in a disaster, networked or not.

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